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CaraFan Sahara Pressurise Distributor
The CaraFan Sahara CP700 Caravan Pressuriser unit keeps your caravan… DUST FREE!

Designed and tested for Australian conditions, the CP700 Pressuriser creates a POSITIVE pressure inside your caravan whilst driving to keep dust out!!

  • Keep dust out without blocking ventilation points
  • Enjoy less maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduce allergies brought on by dust
  • Safeguard your electronics by keeping dust out
  • Protect your equipment and caravan
  • Peace of mind that your protected from dust

"Easy Fit system to suit most Caravans"
CP700 Technical Data Sheet

If you intend to travel on unsealed roads or dirt tracks talk to a CaraFan installer about the benefits of a Sahara pressuriser using filtered air. You will arrive at your destination with a dust-free caravan.

  • Capacity: Pressurises caravans up to 27-foot.
  • Filtration Level: Refined Filtration using Panel Filter Amp Draw: 6 amps at 12 volts
  • Mounting: Unit can be direct mounted (new hole cut) or mounted into existing vent.
  • Operation: Unit should be wired to be in operations whilst driving.
  • External Dimensions: 675mm x 525 mm external. Maximum height of 110mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 355mm x 355mm
  • External Colour: White (other colours available - price will vary)
  • Material: Lightweight and Durable Aluminium (powder coated)
The CaraFan Sahara is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Quality components are used to ensure the best service life and minimum problems in a harsh dusty environment.